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Parental rights common family law concern for Georgia fathers

Fathers have a vital role in the lives of their children. There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that children benefit when allowed to have strong relationships with both parents, yet some Georgia fathers find they have to fight for their rightful parenting time and access to their kids. Parental rights are often a significant family law concern for dads who simply want to be with their children.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt find unique family law solutions

Few people in Georgia -- if any -- look to celebrities when dealing with difficult issues, like divorce. However, acting couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris recently settled their family law issues in a surprisingly amicable manner. Tackling tough topics like alimony, child support and child custody, the pair likely used their prenuptial agreement as a guide on certain issues.

Can I protect my business during family law issues?

Surprises during asset division are never fun, especially for Georgia business owners. Protecting business interests during family law issues is important, and most people can accomplish this by being proactive. This usually involves a prenuptial agreement, although in some cases a postnuptial might also work. 

Can family law decisions affect retirement?

Even when divorce is the best possible decision, it can still be a financially straining process. For women who are nearing retirement, the impact may be even substantial. This does not mean that a decent retirement is out of reach, though. By making smart family law decisions, women can help protect their futures. 

Electronic security can be a family law concern

Electronic devices make communication and record keeping easy. In fact, the average Georgia resident uses his or her cell phone, tablet or personal computer to keep in touch with friends, conduct business transactions, keep track of scheduled appointments and more. In many instances, one's spouse has easy access to these devices. However, when a family law concern such as divorce becomes an issue, this easy access may become a problem.

Upcoming tax changes can impact family law concerns

Timing can be everything. It can make a significant difference in a number of things ranging from the cost of an item to an agreement. For those Georgia couples contemplating divorce, timing may play a critical role. Based upon upcoming changes in the tax laws, there are a number of family law items which should be taken into consideration.

Prenuptial agreement a family law consideration

Prior to walking down the aisle, most Georgia couples spend time planning for their lives together. They typically will plan where they will live, which family members they will spend holidays with and even how many children they want to have. As a part of this planning process, they may also want to plan for how assets and debts should be handled in case of death or divorce; an experienced family law attorney can help with this part of the planning process.

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