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$1.5 million awarded for employment law violation re mother

From deciding which car seat to buy to weighing different preschool options, being a mother in Georgia is hard. Motherhood can be further complicated by unsupportive and even discriminatory workplaces. An out-of-state mother who accused her former employer of violating employment law recently won her lawsuit and was awarded more than $1.5 million in damages.

Former worker says Disney violated employment law

Most people in Georgia simply want to go to work, do a good job and be treated accordingly. Unfortunately, many companies continue to violate employment law by discriminating against certain employees. Whether based on their age, gender, race or more, workers who have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace can take action.

What should I do about an employment law violation?

As a worker in Georgia, you have certain rights at work. When your boss violates those rights, a lawsuit might be in order. However, before you can pursue a lawsuit against your current or former employer for violating employment law, you usually have to first make a complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. While this might sound simple enough, making a proper complaint to the EEOC can actually be quite complicated.

Missing overtime pay? That could be an employment law violation

You work hard, and you deserve to be fairly compensated for your time and effort. Unfortunately, many Georgia employers are eager to cut corners wherever possible, and this includes in your paycheck. If you suspect that your boss violated employment law by unfairly shorting you on wages, you need help.

Don't let an employment law violation compromise your finances

Being fairly compensated for your time and work is essential to your financial well-being. For this reason, realizing that you have been underpaid or otherwise mistreated at work can be extremely distressing. However, you can hold employers who violate Georgia employment law responsible for their actions while also seeking back pay and just compensation. 

Employment law violations common among tech companies

Georgia workers should never be afraid to speak up about discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people working in the tech industry. Despite vigorous protections under employment law, workers continue to face significant retaliation when reporting incidents to human resources.

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