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Criminal defense includes options for drug crimes

Drug addiction has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the country, including Georgia. From big cities to small towns and in all walks of life, addiction to powerful painkillers has touched nearly every family. Many addictions begin with a legitimate prescription following an illness or injury, and addicts may take desperate measures to obtain the drugs they crave. This may include actions that result in the need for a strong criminal defense.

Criminal defense: Georgia driver charged with animal cruelty

Georgia police say that a traffic stop led to the arrest of a 37-year-old woman. Charged for failing to maintain her lane, marijuana possession, animal cruelty and more, she is currently still in police custody. It is unclear if she has any criminal defense plans as of yet.

Criminal defense: Woman charged with animal abuse

Georgia authorities say that over a dozen animal rescue groups are stepping in to help with the discovery of an alleged puppy mill. One woman has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty related to the breeding operation and could potentially face additional charges as police continue their investigation. Since her arrest she has posted bond and may already be considering various criminal defense possibilities.

Criminal defense: Woman jailed over cotton candy

Georgia residents often place an enormous amount of trust in the police, and rightly so. Police officers provide valuable services, but they are still human and as such often make mistakes. It is important for defendants to remember this when working on their criminal defense plans, as it is possible to have criminal charges dismissed because of police error.

Georgia criminal defense: Man charged with stealing waffle mix

A Georgia man was recently arrested for allegedly stealing a significant amount of waffle mix. According to police, he intended to sell the stolen mixes, although it is not clear if this particular product held a special significance. Although the product may be somewhat unusual, the charges are still serious, and criminal defense matters should be handled appropriately. 

Criminal defense: Mother arrested after forgetting son in car

It is not uncommon for Georgia police to make arrests after receiving 911 calls. However, they may not be accustomed to arresting individuals who call 911 on themselves. A Georgia mother was recently arrested after she called the emergency line to report that she had accidentally left one of her children inside her vehicle. It does not appear as if she has any concrete criminal defense plans just yet, but she is apparently cooperating with investigators.  

Watch what you say to police in any interaction

No matter who you are, interacting with police is never something you should do carelessly. While an officer may seem casual and reasonable during an interaction, it is important to remember that police officers are always gathering evidence during conversation, even if they do not announce this fact or act as if they are doing so.

Felony theft charges call for criminal defense

Throughout the course of employment, many Georgia residents will be tasked with some form of financial responsibility. Some will handle money and accounts on a day-to-day basis as part of their normal duties. Others will be responsible for making purchases on behalf of the company. Unfortunately, there are instances when something appears to be mishandled within these financial responsibilities, and the individual can find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

Are breath testing machines accurate?

Breath-alcohol testing machines like the Breathalyzer, Intoxilyzer, and Alcotest, are used by law enforcement across the nation. Although police agencies are required to use devices approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they generally choose one provider or another based on competitive contract bidding.

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