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Former worker says Disney violated employment law

Most people in Georgia simply want to go to work, do a good job and be treated accordingly. Unfortunately, many companies continue to violate employment law by discriminating against certain employees. Whether based on their age, gender, race or more, workers who have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace can take action.

Although people tend to be most familiar with the concept of gender discrimination when it involves a male boss mistreating a female worker, men can also become victims. One former Disney Cruise Lines worker claims that this was his exact situation up until his wrongful firing in 2017. He is currently in the process of suing his former employer, claiming that his female supervisor not only discriminated against him because of his age and gender, but also sexually harassed him.

During his time working with the female manager, he says that he was frequently subjected to tales of her sexual behavior. She also made comments about his age in front of some of the other staff members and continually refused to promote him despite being qualified for other positions. When his younger co-workers were given tablets and iPhones for work, he did not receive anything. This behavior ultimately culminated his firing.

Employment law is clear on the matter of discrimination based on age and gender -- it cannot happen. And yet victims of workplace discrimination continue to lose out on pay raises, promotions and other valuable opportunities. Although the idea of going up against a company or employer, victims in Georgia can help recover some of those economic losses through the careful filing of a workplace discrimination suit.

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