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Employment law violations common among tech companies

Georgia workers should never be afraid to speak up about discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people working in the tech industry. Despite vigorous protections under employment law, workers continue to face significant retaliation when reporting incidents to human resources.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently released complaint-related statistics from 2017. During that year, it received 41,097 retaliation complaints. These accounted for nearly half of the 84,254 work-related complaints it received throughout the entire year. This shows roughly the same results as a recent survey from Blind, an app specifically designed for tech workers. When asked if they had faced retaliation for reporting incidents to HR, 41.4 percent said they had.

Some people believe that human resources departments exacerbate retaliation mindsets. Although HR does listen to complaints from employees, their responses are often framed with the intention of protecting the company, not the worker. A former Uber engineer recently spoke about a retaliation issue that led to her and dozens of other employees being fired. During her presentation, she was pressed by an attending HR representative to consider that she, not Uber, was at fault.

Retaliation presents itself in many forms. An employee who was otherwise on the path to a promotion might be suddenly passed over. Workers may find themselves moved to different departments without explanation or even be fired with little to no explanation. Retaliating against Georgia workers who report workplace incidents violates employment law and may give victims legal footing to pursue compensation. Typical recourse from successful wrongful termination claims usually addresses lost wages, emotional suffering and more.

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