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Criminal defense on tap re pharmacy theft charges

The average Georgia workplace is filled with opportunity. In some instances, it is the opportunity for the worker to earn a living. In other cases, it is an opportunity filled with temptation that can lead to the need for a criminal defense.

One Georgia pharmacy began noticing that some of its controlled substances were missing. This information was reported to law enforcement, and investigation was begun. The investigation led officers to suspect one of the pharmacy technicians of stealing the more than 600 opioid-based pills. This technician was fired and charged with both felony drug and theft crimes. The investigation is continuing and further criminal charges are anticipated.

In a situation such as this one, numerous individuals had access to the items that were discovered to be missing. It is likely that several individuals were considered as suspects at one time or another. It is also possible that throughout the investigation, employees with no connection to the alleged crime may have felt the need for criminal defense representation. Additionally, the individual charged will find it necessary to focus on defense options.

The individual accused of committing the crime will benefit from working with an experienced criminal defense team. Prior to answering to the charges before a judge in a Georgia court, the defense team will want to review the evidence and the procedures used in collecting it and drawing conclusions based upon it. Additionally, they will work to make sure that the accused individual's rights are protected and that the end result is the best possible outcome for the individual.

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