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Tread softly when asking for a prenuptial agreement

The decision to get married is extremely exciting, both for you and your partner. However, this also means your life will change in many ways. As you look toward the future, you may come to realize that a prenuptial agreement is essential.

With a prenuptial agreement in place, you have the opportunity to protect yourself in the event of a future divorce. While this sounds like a great idea to you, there's something to remember: Your soon-to-be spouse could be taken aback when you ask for a prenuptial agreement.

Here are a few tips you can follow when asking your fiancé to sign a prenuptial agreement:

  • Don't issue demands. The biggest mistake you can make is telling your fiancĂ© that he will sign a prenuptial agreement, without giving him any option. You need to have a conversation about this, as opposed to issuing demands and hoping for the best.
  • Talk about your fears. You need to be open and honest about why you want a prenuptial agreement. Without this, it's very difficult to get your point across and explain why you think it's a good idea. This is not a time to keep your feelings bottled up inside.
  • Don't become upset. Even though this is a difficult conversation, you should keep your cool. If you become upset and angry, it's only going to make things worse.
  • Revisit the idea in the future. There's a good chance you won't settle on all the details up front. In fact, there's a chance that your first conversation could result in an argument. There's nothing wrong with letting things go for a while, and then revisiting in the future.

You must tread softly when asking for a prenuptial agreement. If you don't, you risk upsetting your partner to the point of him or her rethinking your relationship.

There are many benefits of a prenuptial agreement, both for you and your soon-to-be spouse. As long as you take the right approach and understand the legal ramifications, you should be able to create the perfect prenuptial agreement before your wedding day arrives.

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