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Criminal defense includes options for drug crimes

Drug addiction has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the country, including Georgia. From big cities to small towns and in all walks of life, addiction to powerful painkillers has touched nearly every family. Many addictions begin with a legitimate prescription following an illness or injury, and addicts may take desperate measures to obtain the drugs they crave. This may include actions that result in the need for a strong criminal defense.

One former medical assistant is among those whom investigators believe committed felony acts of forgery and fraud to feed her addiction to painkillers. Police arrested the 47-year-old woman following a week-long investigation that began when a pharmacist alerted officers of a potential prescription forgery. In fact, the investigation concluded that the woman wrote more than 30 fake prescriptions in the past two years on prescription pads she allegedly stole from a doctor's office where she used to work.

Tips for telling your spouse you want a divorce

At some point, you realized that your marriage was no longer tenable. The bad days had far outnumbered the good, and it was time to make a clean break. Coming to that realization wasn't easy, but your mind is made up and you are ready to take action.

You know that you have to sit down with your spouse and have "the talk," but you're dreading it. It could go really badly and you're worried how to begin. The following tips might prove useful when it comes to broaching the subject of divorce with your spouse.

$1.5 million awarded for employment law violation re mother

From deciding which car seat to buy to weighing different preschool options, being a mother in Georgia is hard. Motherhood can be further complicated by unsupportive and even discriminatory workplaces. An out-of-state mother who accused her former employer of violating employment law recently won her lawsuit and was awarded more than $1.5 million in damages.

In 2014, KFC hired the mother of an infant to work as an assistant manager in one of its locations. She was initially told that her position would not interfere with her need to pump milk for her child. However, after being hired she was immediately scheduled for multiple training sessions that lasted upwards of 10 hours. During these sessions she was only given one break despite a doctor's recommendation take pumping breaks after every couple of hours.

Criminal defense: Georgia driver charged with animal cruelty

Georgia police say that a traffic stop led to the arrest of a 37-year-old woman. Charged for failing to maintain her lane, marijuana possession, animal cruelty and more, she is currently still in police custody. It is unclear if she has any criminal defense plans as of yet.

The reasons behind the Sept. 2018 traffic stop are not readily known, although based on her charges it appears as if the driver was having trouble staying within her own lane of traffic. According to police, after pulling the woman over, she began to feed a milkshake that had been in her vehicle to her dog. Police apparently suspected that the dog had ingested some type of illicit substances, because it's urine was later tested.

Criminal defense: Woman charged with animal abuse

Georgia authorities say that over a dozen animal rescue groups are stepping in to help with the discovery of an alleged puppy mill. One woman has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty related to the breeding operation and could potentially face additional charges as police continue their investigation. Since her arrest she has posted bond and may already be considering various criminal defense possibilities.

According to police, over 500 German Shepherds were discovered at various breeding facilities. Reports indicate that many of the animals were covered in feces and had matting in their fur. An official from an area Humane Society stated that the dogs are mostly nervous around humans and seem frightened of being approached or touched.

Former worker says Disney violated employment law

Most people in Georgia simply want to go to work, do a good job and be treated accordingly. Unfortunately, many companies continue to violate employment law by discriminating against certain employees. Whether based on their age, gender, race or more, workers who have been the victim of discrimination in the workplace can take action.

Although people tend to be most familiar with the concept of gender discrimination when it involves a male boss mistreating a female worker, men can also become victims. One former Disney Cruise Lines worker claims that this was his exact situation up until his wrongful firing in 2017. He is currently in the process of suing his former employer, claiming that his female supervisor not only discriminated against him because of his age and gender, but also sexually harassed him.

Planning to divorce? Avoid these mistakes

Going through a divorce is like running a long obstacle course, but if you make a mistake it could cost you more than time. Even a small misstep can cost you some serious money.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of divorce, you could find yourself under an extreme amount of stress and your emotions will probably be all over the map. It is these two factors that often lead people to make mistakes during the divorce process.

Parental rights common family law concern for Georgia fathers

Fathers have a vital role in the lives of their children. There is plenty of evidence to support the fact that children benefit when allowed to have strong relationships with both parents, yet some Georgia fathers find they have to fight for their rightful parenting time and access to their kids. Parental rights are often a significant family law concern for dads who simply want to be with their children.

Unlike in the past, family law courts now often favor shared custody or a joint parenting arrangement. Even so, fathers will find it helpful to keep their expectations regarding custody rights and visitation time reasonable. Additionally, fathers seeking custody or fighting to protect their rights may need to separate their emotions from the situation. Strong emotions can lead to hasty decisions, regrettable words and, ultimately, an unbalanced parenting plan.

What should I do about an employment law violation?

As a worker in Georgia, you have certain rights at work. When your boss violates those rights, a lawsuit might be in order. However, before you can pursue a lawsuit against your current or former employer for violating employment law, you usually have to first make a complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. While this might sound simple enough, making a proper complaint to the EEOC can actually be quite complicated.

Your complaint to the EEOC is usually referred to as a charge of discrimination. This charge of discrimination should summarise your supporting facts for your claim. Important and relevant information you should detail in your complaint include:

  • Forms of alleged discrimination
  • Time frames of discrimination

Criminal defense: Woman jailed over cotton candy

Georgia residents often place an enormous amount of trust in the police, and rightly so. Police officers provide valuable services, but they are still human and as such often make mistakes. It is important for defendants to remember this when working on their criminal defense plans, as it is possible to have criminal charges dismissed because of police error.

In 2016, two police officers initiated a traffic stop because they thought that the vehicle's window tint was darker than permitted by law. After inspecting the windows they determined that the tint was in fact fine. However, the two officers then performed what was described as an extensive search of the vehicle's interior, although it is not clear why they felt justified in doing so. Eventually they found a plastic bag with an unidentified blue substance. A roadside test gave a positive result for methamphetamine.

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