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Can I protect my business during family law issues?

Surprises during asset division are never fun, especially for Georgia business owners. Protecting business interests during family law issues is important, and most people can accomplish this by being proactive. This usually involves a prenuptial agreement, although in some cases a postnuptial might also work. 

Take for example a woman who started a business after tying the knot. Although her husband expressed no interest in the venture, he learned of how valuable the business was during their divorce and insisted that he should receive half. The story is not so uncommon. Even CrossFit's co-founder Lauren Jenai faced a similar issue during her divorce, only in her case she ended up having to sell her share to her ex-husband as part of their settlement. 

Georgia criminal defense: Man charged with stealing waffle mix

A Georgia man was recently arrested for allegedly stealing a significant amount of waffle mix. According to police, he intended to sell the stolen mixes, although it is not clear if this particular product held a special significance. Although the product may be somewhat unusual, the charges are still serious, and criminal defense matters should be handled appropriately. 

In late Aug. 2018, the 33-year-old man supposedly broke into a storage shed that belonged to his former employer. He then allegedly removed five boxes containing significant amounts of waffle mix, all of which were the Golden Malted brand. The missing mixes were not discovered until Sept. 10, when police were first notified of the theft of product. In total, 150 pounds worth of waffle mix were reported stolen. 

Don't let an employment law violation compromise your finances

Being fairly compensated for your time and work is essential to your financial well-being. For this reason, realizing that you have been underpaid or otherwise mistreated at work can be extremely distressing. However, you can hold employers who violate Georgia employment law responsible for their actions while also seeking back pay and just compensation. 

Wage disputes can be complicated affairs and are rarely straightforward. You might have noticed your paycheck was missing overtime pay and, when you approached your employer, were told that you are classified as an exempt employee. Or you could be missing out on valuable benefits after being misclassified as an independent contractor. Determining which employees are overtime exempt or act as independent contractors should be straightforward, but employers often take advantage of confusion about classifications to short their workers. 

Criminal defense: Mother arrested after forgetting son in car

It is not uncommon for Georgia police to make arrests after receiving 911 calls. However, they may not be accustomed to arresting individuals who call 911 on themselves. A Georgia mother was recently arrested after she called the emergency line to report that she had accidentally left one of her children inside her vehicle. It does not appear as if she has any concrete criminal defense plans just yet, but she is apparently cooperating with investigators.  

On Aug. 13, a 911 operator received a call from a woman who said she had forgotten her 3-year-old child in her locked vehicle. The young boy had been in the car for about 3 hours when she realized he was still in there. According to her, she had dropped two of her other children off at the home of their grandmother, but the young boy had fallen asleep in his car seat. She returned home without realizing he was still asleep in the vehicle. 

Falsely accused of domestic violence? Know what to do

Some divorces get down and dirty right from the beginning. To wit, your spouse may press a false charge of domestic violence against you.

If such is the case, you need to spring into immediate action assembling your defense to these untrue allegations, as much is at stake. Your first knowledge of the situation may come in the form of a restraining order served on you at work or home. In other cases, you may actually be arrested. Either scenario is serious and requires your full attention.

Can family law decisions affect retirement?

Even when divorce is the best possible decision, it can still be a financially straining process. For women who are nearing retirement, the impact may be even substantial. This does not mean that a decent retirement is out of reach, though. By making smart family law decisions, women can help protect their futures. 

In general, Georgia men tend to be more financially secure soon after they end their marriages. This is based off of a 2008 study that looked at how men's and women's incomes changed post-divorce. Researchers found that while women took a hit of about one fifth to their incomes, men enjoyed a one third increase. With a lower income, how are women to more readily prepare themselves for retirement? 

Employment law violations common among tech companies

Georgia workers should never be afraid to speak up about discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people working in the tech industry. Despite vigorous protections under employment law, workers continue to face significant retaliation when reporting incidents to human resources.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently released complaint-related statistics from 2017. During that year, it received 41,097 retaliation complaints. These accounted for nearly half of the 84,254 work-related complaints it received throughout the entire year. This shows roughly the same results as a recent survey from Blind, an app specifically designed for tech workers. When asked if they had faced retaliation for reporting incidents to HR, 41.4 percent said they had.

Criminal defense on tap re pharmacy theft charges

The average Georgia workplace is filled with opportunity. In some instances, it is the opportunity for the worker to earn a living. In other cases, it is an opportunity filled with temptation that can lead to the need for a criminal defense.

One Georgia pharmacy began noticing that some of its controlled substances were missing. This information was reported to law enforcement, and investigation was begun. The investigation led officers to suspect one of the pharmacy technicians of stealing the more than 600 opioid-based pills. This technician was fired and charged with both felony drug and theft crimes. The investigation is continuing and further criminal charges are anticipated.

Watch what you say to police in any interaction

No matter who you are, interacting with police is never something you should do carelessly. While an officer may seem casual and reasonable during an interaction, it is important to remember that police officers are always gathering evidence during conversation, even if they do not announce this fact or act as if they are doing so.

There is usually nothing illegal about this, unless an officer violates your rights during the course of you interaction. It is important to note, however, that police often have the legal ability to lie or mislead a suspect in conversation to assess whether or not a crime occurred. You must understand that every single thing that you say in any interaction with police may count against you in court, even if the officer is speaking with you casually.

Beware of all-or-nothing thinking post-divorce

There are very few things that are truly black or white in this world. In fact, much of life is shades and nuances and must be interpreted that way for an easier passage.

Such is also true with co-parents struggling to get the relationship right. In truth, a co-parenting relationship is an organic thing that might appear effortless some days and on others, become the last straw.

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