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Employment law violations common among tech companies

Georgia workers should never be afraid to speak up about discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many people working in the tech industry. Despite vigorous protections under employment law, workers continue to face significant retaliation when reporting incidents to human resources.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently released complaint-related statistics from 2017. During that year, it received 41,097 retaliation complaints. These accounted for nearly half of the 84,254 work-related complaints it received throughout the entire year. This shows roughly the same results as a recent survey from Blind, an app specifically designed for tech workers. When asked if they had faced retaliation for reporting incidents to HR, 41.4 percent said they had.

Criminal defense on tap re pharmacy theft charges

The average Georgia workplace is filled with opportunity. In some instances, it is the opportunity for the worker to earn a living. In other cases, it is an opportunity filled with temptation that can lead to the need for a criminal defense.

One Georgia pharmacy began noticing that some of its controlled substances were missing. This information was reported to law enforcement, and investigation was begun. The investigation led officers to suspect one of the pharmacy technicians of stealing the more than 600 opioid-based pills. This technician was fired and charged with both felony drug and theft crimes. The investigation is continuing and further criminal charges are anticipated.

Watch what you say to police in any interaction

No matter who you are, interacting with police is never something you should do carelessly. While an officer may seem casual and reasonable during an interaction, it is important to remember that police officers are always gathering evidence during conversation, even if they do not announce this fact or act as if they are doing so.

There is usually nothing illegal about this, unless an officer violates your rights during the course of you interaction. It is important to note, however, that police often have the legal ability to lie or mislead a suspect in conversation to assess whether or not a crime occurred. You must understand that every single thing that you say in any interaction with police may count against you in court, even if the officer is speaking with you casually.

Beware of all-or-nothing thinking post-divorce

There are very few things that are truly black or white in this world. In fact, much of life is shades and nuances and must be interpreted that way for an easier passage.

Such is also true with co-parents struggling to get the relationship right. In truth, a co-parenting relationship is an organic thing that might appear effortless some days and on others, become the last straw.

Electronic security can be a family law concern

Electronic devices make communication and record keeping easy. In fact, the average Georgia resident uses his or her cell phone, tablet or personal computer to keep in touch with friends, conduct business transactions, keep track of scheduled appointments and more. In many instances, one's spouse has easy access to these devices. However, when a family law concern such as divorce becomes an issue, this easy access may become a problem.

When all is well, it often makes sense for spouses to share their passwords with each other. Yet, as marital concerns arise, it may be time to maintain privacy. This means that it is time to change passwords. In many cases, when a password is changed, a courtesy email is sent; therefore, the email account password is the first one that will need to be changed.

Upcoming tax changes can impact family law concerns

Timing can be everything. It can make a significant difference in a number of things ranging from the cost of an item to an agreement. For those Georgia couples contemplating divorce, timing may play a critical role. Based upon upcoming changes in the tax laws, there are a number of family law items which should be taken into consideration.

First of all, alimony is currently a deductible expense for the individual who pays it. Additionally, it is taxable income for the individual who receives it. Typically, the individual receiving alimony is in a lower tax bracket and thus pays less in taxes. However, beginning in 2019, alimony will not be a deductible or taxable item. This change in the tax law is not expected to impact agreements made prior to 2019.

Felony theft charges call for criminal defense

Throughout the course of employment, many Georgia residents will be tasked with some form of financial responsibility. Some will handle money and accounts on a day-to-day basis as part of their normal duties. Others will be responsible for making purchases on behalf of the company. Unfortunately, there are instances when something appears to be mishandled within these financial responsibilities, and the individual can find him or herself in need of a criminal defense.

An elementary school principal was recently charged with felony theft stemming from purchases she allegedly made on a school district credit card. During an audit by school board officials, it was determined that several purchases charged to the credit card were not made within the scope of school expenses. Based upon this audit, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was asked to open an investigation into the possible misappropriation related to the elementary school.

Prenuptial agreement a family law consideration

Prior to walking down the aisle, most Georgia couples spend time planning for their lives together. They typically will plan where they will live, which family members they will spend holidays with and even how many children they want to have. As a part of this planning process, they may also want to plan for how assets and debts should be handled in case of death or divorce; an experienced family law attorney can help with this part of the planning process.

Many couples enter marriage with one or more children from a previous relationship. When this happens, the parent may want to be certain that the child or children will receive certain assets if death or divorce occurs. This can be accomplished through the use of a prenuptial agreement.

Are breath testing machines accurate?

Breath-alcohol testing machines like the Breathalyzer, Intoxilyzer, and Alcotest, are used by law enforcement across the nation. Although police agencies are required to use devices approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they generally choose one provider or another based on competitive contract bidding.

That's because breath testing machines are made by for-profit companies. Since the underlying source code is proprietary to those companies, it can be hard to tell how they work or how accurate they really are.

Tread softly when asking for a prenuptial agreement

The decision to get married is extremely exciting, both for you and your partner. However, this also means your life will change in many ways. As you look toward the future, you may come to realize that a prenuptial agreement is essential.

With a prenuptial agreement in place, you have the opportunity to protect yourself in the event of a future divorce. While this sounds like a great idea to you, there's something to remember: Your soon-to-be spouse could be taken aback when you ask for a prenuptial agreement.

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