I highly recommend Tom Roach without any hesitation. I have worked with him on a professional as well as personal level and have full confidence in his ability to practice law.


Tom really works hard for his clients and will fight the battle to the end. He has a never give in attitude that made me feel that I was well represented in my case.


Mr. Gunn--I wanted to say thanks for all your work on my case. I realize this was not an easy task since my business was sued by two former employees. During the entire ordeal you were always easy to talk to, and I always felt at ease after speaking with you. Even with all the legal aspects I very felt informed during the whole process. Thanks again.


Tom is an excellent attorney/litigator. He has a large depth of knowledge of the legal field. I would highly recommend Tom or his partners."


Tom has truly proven to be a Godsend on several occasions for me and my business endeavors. Obtaining a vast array of knowledge along with a passion for what he does, Tom is a necessity for everything big and small in the world of legal matters.


It was my privilege to work with Linwood Gunn of Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP. It was very obvious that Mr. Gunn was in constant collaboration with the other attorneys in the firm as they worked to give me the very best advice possible. Responses were always very timely and inspired confidence in me during a very difficult time professionally. I believe that working with one of the attorneys in this firm is synonymous with working with a team of experts. Thank you, Mr. Gunn and your outstanding team!


I have had the opportunity to work with Tom on both a professional and personal level. He is very level-headed, thorough and well-spoken. He is able to see both sides of most situations and can discuss the pros as well as the cons of varying courses of action. I would much rather have Tom on my side of the aisle, than sitting next to my opposition!


Thanks again for helping crawl out of dark hole. I approached Linwood Gunn on a sensitive legal matter a couple of years ago. Linwood was patient and listened to all I had to say. He then asked me more questions that I had not thought of but were of paramount importance. When he had a full understanding of my situation, he explained the law and the various options available to me. He helped me understand the pros and cons of each option. We chose a course of action that resulted exactly the way he anticipated. Throughout the process, Linwood communicated with me constantly and let me know exactly what was happening and what the expectations were in the next step. His knowledge and experience provided for a successful end. His personal nature, patience, and constant reassurance encouraged me to stay the course during this process. I am glad I did.


I have hired Tom twice to handle legal matters for me. I have always been impressed with both his mastery of the law, as well as his ability to thoroughly understand my goals and guide me to the best, most cost-effective path to achieve those goals. When it comes to legal representation in and around Cherokee County, I would highly recommend Tom Roach.


The Roach, Caudill, & Gunn firm has met all my legal needs with professionalism, accuracy and speed.


I knew I needed an attorney when the company for which I had been employed for 16 years, and that had been informed of my medical history when I was hired, suddenly decided I was disabled and sent me home without a job.

Not being a native of GA, and therefore not having heard what law firms in this area have a respectable reputation, I had to ask if this Roach, Caudill, Gunn, LLP law firm had an attorney that could successfully represent me. The lawyer I was hooked up with at Roach, Caudill, Gunn, was Linwood Gunn and he has been exceedingly helpful, not to mention kind and compassionate and very encouraging.

I am exceedingly thankful to have retained the legal services of Linwood Gunn with Roach, Caudill, Gunn.