Helping You Understand Child Support

Parents in Georgia have a legal obligation to provide for all their minor children. This obligation cannot be waived by the other parent or the child's legal custodian because the support belongs to the child.

State guidelines provide the courts with a formula that looks at the joint incomes of both parents. Even income such as unemployment, Social Security Disability benefits, private pensions and workers' compensation payments are included in support calculations.

The Court's Power To Modify Support Payments

The support guidelines don't bind family law courts. The judge is free to examine a variety of different factors and use them to adjust the order of support higher or lower. While each case is different, you can expect the court to examine the following factors:

  • Health care premiums
  • Large tax return payments
  • Travel expenses incurred for visitation
  • Actual parenting time
  • An exceptionally high parental income (over $30,000 per month combined)
  • An exceptionally low income for the parent without physical custody (less than $1,850 per month)
  • Extracurricular expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Any extraordinary expenses, like special needs care or therapy

The court does its best to take into consideration everything that should reasonably affect the amount of support.

Finding A Fair Arrangement

At Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP, we believe that a parent who is owed support should receive all that is due. We also believe that a parent who owes support shouldn't have to pay more than the law requires. We will work hard to help you get fair treatment when it comes to child support.

We work to help parents who are facing child support determinations as part of a divorce and for parents who never married.

Our lawyers make sure everything that should be entered into a calculation is considered. We will help you explain to the court why certain income or expenses shouldn't be considered. This is particularly important if you or the child's other parent is an independent contractor or a business owner.

Do You Need To Change Your Child Support Order Or Collect Support? We Can Help.

While child support is always an issue when parents divorce, it can also become an issue anytime one parent has a significant change in financial circumstances. At that point, we can help you request a child support modification.

If you're due child support that isn't being paid, we can also help you seek enforcement and collection of the past-due child support.

For more information or help with your child support issue, contact us through email or by phone at 678-487-7463 or toll-free at 800-265-1895 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.