Problem Solving And Protection In Family Law, Divorce And Custody

The family law attorneys of Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP have a reputation for efficient and favorable resolution of complex and highly charged disputes. Our success springs from decades of collective experience, familiarity with the local courts and the courtroom record to compel out-of-court solutions.

Family law is very judge-driven, and we believe that knowing the propensities of individual judges is paramount to positioning and protecting our clients. For this reason we practice exclusively in the Cherokee County family court system. Arrange a consultation today.

Sophisticated Representation In Family Law

We represent a diverse clientele, but our lawyers are particularly equipped to handle high-asset divorce and corresponding disputes over child custody, property division or financial support. Our Canton law firm represents many business owners, professionals, executives and other high net worth clients of Woodstock, Bridgemill, Towne Lake, Macedonia, Hickory Flat and surrounding communities. Our family law practice includes:

Darrell Caudill also has extensive experience as a guardian ad litem, appointed by the court or hired by other attorneys, to advocate on behalf of children in custody proceedings.

Experienced Divorce Attorneys Offering Tailored Strategies

Attorneys Tom Roach and Darrell Caudill have more than 50 years of combined experience in Georgia domestic relations law. Mr. Roach and Mr. Caudill also serve part time as municipal judges in Canton and Holly Springs, respectively, a testament to their legal acumen and professional integrity.

Cookie cutter methods do not work in family law. We take a personal, vested approach to each case to find practical, lasting and cost-conscious solutions. Our philosophy is to discourage unnecessary litigation, but to fight like you know what when circumstances lead to court. We make it our business to know how the judge in your case is likely to lean, so that you can make informed decisions, and we can position you accordingly.

Call our Canton family attorneys at 678-487-7463 or toll-free 800-265-1895 to arrange a consultation, or email us and we will respond promptly.