Make Sure Your Employment Agreements Work For You

At Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP, in Canton, Georgia, we work with employees and employers who need experienced employment law counsel for reviewing, drafting, negotiating and revising employment agreements.

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Starting A New Job? Hiring A New Employee? Know What You're Signing.

Many employers ask new employees to sign employment agreements right away. Some of this is for good reason. They want to know that you will protect intellectual property for the company, that you steal clients and walk away and you will make conscientious decisions as they relate to the health and stability of the company you work for.

These agreements, however, must also be designed to protect employees. They should ensure a mutually beneficial agreement that sets both the employer and the employee up for success.

Negotiation can be intimidating, but it is critical that you feel empowered to do so for yourself and for your business. Our firm can help you understand your employment law rights and what to do to get the best deal possible, whether you are an employee or an employer.

Leaving Employment? Make Sure You Understand Restrictive Covenants And Severance.

A restrictive covenant is a written agreement between the employer and employee that protects intellectual property and establishes parameters if the employment relationship is severed. We draft, review, enforce or contest these agreements:

  • Noncompete agreements restricting the ability to join a competitor
  • Nonsolicitation agreements preventing the recruitment of key employees or clients
  • Confidentiality agreements preventing employees from disclosing, selling or using proprietary information

Our role on the front end is to make sure that covenants are not so broad, vague or weak that our client's rights cannot be later enforced. On the back end, we litigate to allow an employee client to earn a living or an employer client to protect their trade secrets and competitive edge.

We also represent executives, managers and key employees in negotiation of buyouts or severance packages.