Defending Your Rights And Your Freedom After A Drug Charge

If you're charged with a drug crime in Georgia, you can expect the prosecutor to aggressively pursue your conviction. You deserve an equally aggressive defender.

Making Sure Your Rights Are Protected

Our attorneys at Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP will thoroughly review all the evidence in your case. Search and seizure issues, the use of informants or threats of coercion which may point to a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights against police overreach. When possible, we will work to exclude the evidence against you. If that happens, it's highly likely that the case against you will collapse.

Building A Case For Treatment

If addiction is an issue that led to your drug charge, it may be possible to avoid a conviction and jail time through participation in a diversion program.

Because of increased problems with addiction and abuse, drug courts have been set up to give defendants who are first-time offenders a chance to avoid the harshest consequences of a drug sentence and receive treatment instead. If you're accepted into a diversion program through a drug court, you'll be given a chance to go through a rehabilitation program. If you successfully complete the program, your charges will be dismissed.

It's important to understand that these rehabilitation programs are not easy. Space is also limited, which means that not everybody charged with a drug offense can get into the program. Our attorneys will build a case for you to explain to the judge why you deserve a chance at treatment instead of prison.

Using Our Experience To Benefit You

A member of our firm, attorney Whit Frost is a former prosecutor who pursued hundreds of criminal convictions each year. Our clients now benefit from his unique experience and perspective. He can assess your situation candidly and knows how other prosecutors are likely to approach your case.

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