Experienced Representation Against Family Violence Charges

Under Georgia's Family Violence Act, charges of domestic violence are taken very seriously. Unlike other criminal charges, there is an immediate impact on your life:

  • You can be ordered out of your home.
  • You will be forbidden any type of contact with anyone filing a complaint.
  • If your children are involved, you will lose unsupervised visitation until the charges are resolved.
  • You will likely have to turn over your firearms.

Your entire life may be turned upside down while you're waiting for a hearing on your case.

A Strong Defense And Guidance To Help You Avoid Additional Charges

Our attorneys at Roach, Caudill & Gunn LLP will provide a strong defense against abuse charges. It's important to your case that you understand exactly how restrictive the law is regarding protective orders and allegations of abuse. Once you've been charged, the individual who initiated the charges no longer has the power to drop those charges — that's in the hands of the prosecutor.

In addition, you can end up suffering additional criminal charges for violating the temporary order barring you from contact with the other person:

  • You cannot contact the other person even if he or she initiates the contact.
  • You cannot send a letter, message the person, send a text or ask someone else to take a message for you.
  • You cannot drop off something at the family home or enter it when they aren't there just to pick up a few of your things.

Many people have ended up in far more serious problems because they didn't fully understand the limitations placed upon them.

Giving You An Experienced Defense

Depending on the circumstances, our attorneys will aim to get the charges dismissed or negotiate a plea to a lesser charge. If the facts warrant it and it's necessary, we're ready and willing to protect your rights with an experienced and vigorous defense at trial. Call us for a consultation at 800-265-1895 or 678-487-7463 or email us for an appointment with one of our lawyers.